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HBS is a rural development consulting firm based in the Southern Interior of British Columbia. HBS was created to bridge the social, economic, and environmental realities of rural communities using a relationship and solutions-driven approach.

President’s Message

While rural communities face unique challenges, for anyone who lives in a rural area, we know those challenges also drive creative solutions. Rural areas are resilient by nature as we often find ourselves left out of major decision-making processes or even simply ignored.

However, it is this very resilience that drives innovation and collaboration with a result that brings people together to address challenges.

I have been a vocal advocate for, and working towards, a just society. I recognize that climate justice is social justice is economic justice: it is this unique understanding of the interrelationships of the social, environmental, and economic spheres combined with my ability to bring together diverse voices that provides the basis for my work.

My goal is to bring people back to the centre of decision-making.

I would welcome the opportunity to connect with you,


Recent Work

Samples of Research


Housing is a national crisis but most research and solutions are based on urban needs. Rural and First Nations communities face additional challenges that must be considered, including supply routes, aging infrastructure financing, vulnerable populations, and disaster recovery differences.

Power & Pride

Despite efforts, open representation of women, gender-diverse, and those within the 2SLGBTQ+ communities in local government is low, particularly for rural communities. Power & Pride looked at the barriers and to understand what local government can do to increase representation.

Active Transportation

Rural communities have greater distances to cover and more jurisdictions to navigate, both to create and maintain active transportation routes. This is further complicated or exacerbated by local governments having fewer staff, resources, and expertise available.

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